About us

Company History

SASKIA BINTANG SAMUDERA is a service company engaged in the recruitment of labor and delivery at the crutch by sailors with the business – other supporting businesses related to the above business fields.

We present in the midst of the development of the world economy and increased competition in the corporate world. By Therefore we present as one of the important factors in supporting the creation of the world economic growth to meet the energy needs of professional sailors who every year is rapidly increasing.

Our company is experienced in this field and supported by workers – professionals in their field – each and have a high commitment to work.We also have several experts in the field of maritime to provide the necessary consultation.

Our company is also supported by a computerized system, which allows you to access everything you need to know related to our activities, and we will always provide information that is up to date to you. We will provide excellent service to you with the “smile” of our entire staff to serve all your needs.

We will always provide excellent service and can provide power – power sailors ready and professional in work.We also appreciate the need for ensuring all activities that you Leave it to us so accomplished in accordance with what you expect, so we will to expand and maintain and assets securing such as our own.

Advice and input will be received and learned that all activities are carried out can be run in accordance with applicable regulations, so it will not cause trouble for you later.

The most important thing in our company is to provide the highest satisfaction to you, because you are our main asset.